Stop Second-Guessing Your Furniture
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Are you fed up with constantly struggling to arrange your room to look both functional and beautiful? 

And remember that time when you had to wait for months for your furniture to arrive only to find out it was not the right size for your room? Ugh, so frustrating! But worry no more! 

We've got your back with our cross-reference knowledge to help you avoid these disappointments and make informed furniture choices. Say goodbye to feeling stuck with an unsuitable piece forever!

The MMDH Rules Of Thumb

Melissa has condensed her decades of interior design experience into a comprehensive guide that covers each room and every item, making it easy to follow.


The MMDH Furnishing Rules of Thumb is the ultimate guide to selecting furniture and accessories.

 It provides insight into what designers consider when purchasing furniture, such as size, width, seat depth, and arm height, as well as essential room layout clearances, such as general circulation and distance between specific furnishings. 

 This comprehensive guide is an excellent resource for scaling, selecting, and arranging furnishings in any room!

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What's Included?

Seating Rules of Thumb

Table Rules of Thumb

Lighting Rules of Thumb

Bedroom Furniture Rules of Thumb

Styling + Accessories Rules of Thumb

Clearances Rules of Thumb

All are broken down into 4 easy to digest modules organized by room type. 

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Access to this 65-page downloadable manual

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